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The Pearl Accents program was launched by Nishi Pearls with and for the support of its partner, the Canadian Music Competition (CMC). The Pearl Accents bracelet is a limited edition piece designed to encourage hundreds of young musicians who every year take part in programs and competitions organized by the CMC. All net proceeds will go towards funding the national platform needed to receive and evaluate candidates as well as bursaries that are won by the top contenders to help them in the pursuit of their dreams.


Shipping will begin May 15th!

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GOAL: $25,000




We create approachable, luxury jewelry designed for women who value quality, versatility and creativity.

All of our jewelry features real pearls cultured and sourced from several sustainable pearl farms. Our partnerships ensure that no harm comes to oceans or their ecosystems, and that surrounding communities can benefit from these economic projects today and tomorrow.

Our mission: to provide you with responsibly produced, top quality jewelry that complements your personality, all while supporting meaningful initiatives that deliver lasting results.

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Canadian Music Competition

Established in 1958, The Canadian Music Competition is a national organization working in the field of classical music with the goal of supporting and encouraging young Canadian performers. Through its work, the organization encourages musicians to surpass themselves, cultivate discipline and perseverance, sharpen their critical sense and discernment, develop their artistic personality, and grow as performers and human beings.

More information can be found on their website.


If you prefer, you can also donate any desired amount directly to the Canadian Music Competition and receive a tax receipt!

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A Word From Our


“My sister Alique and I were both fortunate enough to grow up with musical influence in our lives. Having gone through the McGill Conservatory program at a young age, I know the amount of effort and dedication it takes to pursue this artform. Whereas I was lucky enough to have parents who provided both moral and financial support, not all young musicians have the luxury of taking the process for granted. By supporting the CMC in their commendable mission, we hope to make a difference in helping talented youth fulfill their potential and reach the heights that they deserve.”

Arka Akkelian, Co-Founder



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